Today’s leaders are experiencing unprecedented turbulence. Trying to reduce or deny this uncertainty is a futile exercise. Leaders now need to acquire the capability to deal with uncertainty. Leadership coach, Kathy Bennett offers organisations a comprehensive guide to develop this capability in their leaders.

Her new book, Living and Leading Through Uncertainty offers an in-depth analysis of uncertainty coupled with self-reflective exercises to help leaders cope in a VUCA world. By weaving together practical techniques for enhancing leadership capability, together with inspiring real-life stories of leaders who embraced uncertainty, this book provides a simple, yet strong framework, to become a more resilient, adaptive leader. Living and Leading Through Uncertainty is a must-read for ALL business leaders, professionals and executive coaches.


“If there was ever a time for leaders to stop relying on their own experience and capacity to make decisions, it’s NOW! Living and Leading Through Uncertainty will give leaders the courage to embrace their strengths and weaknesses, surround themselves with people who complement them, share their collective wisdom and stop thinking they’re weak because they don’t have all the answers.”

– Dr Salomé van Coller-Peter, Head: MPhil in Management Coaching, University of Stellenbosch Business School


“Kathy speaks from a place that few others can on the subject of leadership uncertainty, having delved deeply into the lives of leaders in transition as an executive coach, and with the solid foundation of a researcher. She allows us to understand that what we are experiencing is not unique, and more importantly that we have the capacity to rise and lead through uncertainty.”

– Mark Holtshousen, Executive Coach & Head of Global Career Management at MTN Group

“Kathy has been on our coaching panel for more than 8 years, which delivers executive coaching services across a range of industries and sectors in South Africa and Africa. Living and Leading Through Uncertainty is a reflective and practical narrative based on her journey as an executive coach. It’s a must-read for leaders and executive coaches.”

– Dr Willem de Jager, Associate Director: People Advisory Services, Ernst & Young, Africa