Master Your Finances – the art of building wealth will transform your financial life by demystifying the complexities around wealth creation. It will also open up new possibilities and provide practical ways for you to start your own successful financial journey.
The book will unravel the mechanics behind finances and help you to become more aware of your own behavior, and how it impacts your financial net worth.

Master Your Finances – the art of building wealth provides actionable steps that will empower you to take charge of your own finances and design and implement a strategy to get the financial results you desire!

Content includes:

• It’s not just about money, it’s about life

• Taking ownership of your finances

• Your net worth

• What you own

• What you owe
• Dealing with over-indebtedness

• What you earn

• What you spend

• Pulling it all together

• Having a map and a mirror

“This book reveals the basic insights on managing your finances and wealth. These insights, if applied appropriately can lead to financial freedom. Everyone including academics, professionals and entrepreneurs will find the content of the book to be of value.”

Rolland Eboru; Author, Managing Executive and Board Member at South African Export Council, Cape Town, South Africa

“Easy to read and practical, this book speaks to day to day issues that impact many people. An eye opener to personal financial issues that must be assessed and corrected to ensure wealth building and escape the trap of over indebtedness. Caroline Marwisa illustrates the issues that result in people being over indebted and how to overcome this and build wealth. This book is a must for those who want to turn their financial situations around and want to continue to grow their wealth base. The systematic principles and action plans in this book make this an excellent resource for your personal and business library.”

—Samarah Mushohwe; Audit Manager at the Auditor General, Johannesburg, South Africa

Master Your Finances will show you how to live life to the full! It is simple, easy-to-read, provides actionable steps and completely demystifies personal finance.”

—Bongani Mageba; Managing Executive, Stanlib, Johannesburg, South Africa