Including twenty practical activities to create a new you!

This book offers a practical conversation about making the second half of your life fulfilling and contented.

You have a gnawing concern that somehow you are missing out. Everybody else around you is living purposeful, high-achievement lives, and you are wallowing in drudgery. We spend the early part of our adult lives building a career, building a family and support structures around us. At some stage, we become so bound up in the boredom of day-to-day survival that once we have achieved these things, we feel let down and disappointed.

Midlife uncertainty is uncomfortable. You are trying to find the door leading to a more fulfilling life, but are dragged back to the constant responsibilities of work and relationships. That door is open, but you need to search for it. This book provides insights and exercises to help you make the mental connections and take you to the important decisions that you must confront in this phase of your life.