This book utilises multiple contemporary strategy perspectives and practices to give leaders and strategy practitioner’s deep insights about the dynamics and options available in developing good and robust strategies.  The core of the book is about stimulating new strategic thinking and action to enhance the competitiveness of a firm.

Navigating strategic possibilities involves the invention and re-invention of an organisation. Strategic leadership, as a part of this navigation journey, is an integral guiding force of the strategic choices an organisation makes to fulfil its future aspirations. In this book, the key strategic choices related to the competitive advantage and positioning of an organisation are presented in an integrated strategic architecture perspective, and the following seven strategic architecture building blocks are discussed:

  • Strategic leadership as a key capacity that gives life, meaning and on-going momentum to the strategy of an organisation.
  • The development of views on the external and internal strategic landscape and context of an organisation.
  • Strategy formulation and development which include a menu of strategic options and choices to consider.
  • The development of multiple futures perspectives for an organisation.
  • Strategy execution practices to make it a lived reality for stakeholders.
  • Strategy renewal and innovation practices to refresh the strategy on a continuous basis.
  • Entrepreneurial leadership and strategy practices to foster both entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

The future holds an abundance of possibilities for those conscious enough to spot them.  The strategy navigation tools contained in this book provides the identification and execution tools needed to flourish.

This book complements the book Crystallising the Strategic Business Landscape by the same authors.

 Strategy Analysis Strategy Formulation and Execution
What is our current reality?
External Global, Macro, Industry and Customer analysis

  • Market Opportunities
  • Market Threats
  • Internal analysis
  • Resource Strengths
  • Resource Weaknesses
  • Utilising Strategy analysis tools and problem solving approaches
What are our future strategic choices?
What are our aspirations?
What should we be doing?
How can we change to make these aspirations a reality?
How do we execute successfully?