Network Marketing: Make Millions While You Sleep builds a strong case for network marketing as a viable business opportunity.

Pearl Maphoshe said that “My salary was not enough to satisfy my dreams, I started looking for things to do on the side to create multiple streams of income. I was introduced to this business in 2001 and it just made sense to me, I knew exactly how I was going to make money and how I was going to go up the ranks. Since July 2001 I have made multi-million rand in passive residual income.”


The Network Marketing business model has been around for many years and in that time it has continued to grow from year to year into one of the top 5 most lucrative industries in the world.

Freedom: A dream or a reality? With the onset of mobility and connectivity, you can pursue your career in network marketing from virtually anywhere that offers an internet connection! Want to live life as an adventure? Then Network Marketing is for you!

Personal Growth: You are going to grow. Be challenged. Overcome and Succeed. You will be empowered by the sheer fact that you are in control. And when you succeed, it will be because you and only you strived to do so.

Immediate Returns: With a minimal investment, Network Marketing is designed to make this an accessible option for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Network Marketing can bring you financial independence and freedom, creating a sustainable passive income stream by applying the techniques and secrets that is shared by Pearl Maphoshe in Network Marketing: Make Millions While You Sleep.

Content includes:

  • What is Network Marketing?
  • Pearl Maphoshe’s Network Marketing Journey
  • Misconceptions About Network Marketing
  • Winning with Network Marketing
  • Gender Diversity in Network Marketing
  • Top Earners Globally
  • What Do Experts Say About Network Marketing?
  • Corporate Governance and Ethics in Network Marketing