Employees who have a great onboarding experience, integrate faster into an organisation, are more engaged and have more trust in their leaders. However, traditional induction programmes don’t “cut it” in the new world of work anymore… If you want to develop and retain top talent, you need an onboarding process that’s about more than an employee’s first days. In fact, an effective onboarding process starts from the moment an employee receives an offer of employment, right up until the day they competently fill the position they were recruited for.

In Onboarding: Strategies for getting employees up to speed faster, you’ll find step-by-step guides, checklists and case studies on:

  1. What to do in the period between an employee signing up and starting work
  2. Fresh ideas about how to approach the first days
  3. A new look at induction process
  4. How to manage relationships when assimilating a new recruit into an existing department
  5. How to manage the process of assisting the new employee to reach full competence.
  6. Onboarding senior executives
  7. Moving existing employees into new departments
  8. And much more!

This is an indispensable book for every CEO, board member, HR executive, talent manager and line leader who’s serious about retaining top talent and committed to delivering extraordinary employee experiences.