“Doing business in Uber times” has become a metaphor for doing business in a digital world of algorithms, automation, artificial intelligence and non-stop disruption. Organisations everywhere are being forced to operate in a fast-changing, high-speed environment. Business models are being challenged and trusted values questioned. Worse still, operational margins are severely depressed.

Never before has organisation design been so important for businesses, HR and leaders. Demographic shifts, sustained market growth globalisation and cultural and generational differences are forcing organisations to re-think the way they engage with their people. Organisation Design for Uber Times will help you:

  1. Anticipate mega-trends and changes.
  2. Learn how to identify your organisation’s strategy, market position and where your organisation is in the business life cycle.
  3. Unpack well-known organisation design models, frameworks and processes.
  4. Learn how to design for Uber times.
  5. Understand the impact of robots and artificial intelligence on your organisation.
  6. Design jobs, as well as organisation layers, that match best practice organisation design.
  7. Implement the remuneration principles required to support this design.
  8. Understand what a high-performing organisation is (so you have something to aim for).

Sections include:

  1. Chapter 1: Global changes and Uber times ahead
  2. Chapter 2: Machines, robots and artificial intelligence
  3. Chapter 3: Organisation design versus organisation development – the link
  4. Chapter 4: Organisation strategy and anticipating the future – it all starts here
  5. Chapter 5: Structure follows strategy
  6. Chapter 6: Restructure or reconfigure?
  7. Chapter 7: Tried and tested organisation designs and frameworks
  8. Chapter 8: The future requires a new operating model – the virtual organisation
  9. Chapter 9: Work design – how to design the job, not too much and not too little
  10. Chapter 10: Tall or flat structure?
  11. Chapter 11: What is a high-performing organisation?
  12. Chapter 12: Remuneration and reward in high-performing organisations
  13. Chapter 13: Metrics for tracking organisation performance

Organisation for Uber Times will give you the necessary ideas, insights and tools to design an optimal, agile organisation that will thrive and grow in volatile times.