Organisational Change & Development (OCD) is designed to capture leading-edge thinking about OCD in organisations as it merges with traditional African wisdom. It manifests in issues that differ from organizational effectiveness efforts to a highly individualised craft of catalyst practitioner.

In an attempt to provide a solid conceptualisation of the field of study, a framework of inclusivity that can be followed, case studies and OCD methodologies, this book strives to combine some of the practices into reality. The book concludes with a chapter that studies international trends in organisational change and development. The assumptions of the evolving field of consulting psychology are incorporated. The multi-cultural nature of the new world of work and the increasingly diverse settings of organisations of the future ask for higher levels of complexity handling ability, systems thinking ability and the ability to be authentic.

Content includes:

  • Organisational change and development in the new world of work
  • Organisational change and development methodologies
  • Change models and approaches
  • Human reactions to change
  • Alternative organisational change and development interventions and modalities
  • Value circles as a way of creating inclusivity in emerging economies
  • Measuring the effectiveness of organisational change and development
  • Building strategic architecture
  • Creating radical organisational transformation through translation of strategy
  • Organisational change and development in the next decade

Individuals, organisations, communities and societies are facing a significantly new world order. Their playing field has become one of discontinuous, radical change, heightened complexity, snowballing chaos, growing diversity, deepening ambiguity, and widening seamlessness (or boundarylessness). Ever-shifting goal posts regarding critical success criteria, the rules of the game, of co-operation/ competition, responsiveness, innovation, speed, flexibility, value-add, quality, and cost effectiveness are forcing all to make the seemingly impossible possible if they wish to perform and succeed. At a deeper level, all need to shift their view of the world by seeing it as an interconnected, systemic dynamic whole, manifesting successive states of chaos and order, finding expression in virtuous or vicious cycles. In our endeavour to understand and intervene sustainably in an inclusive manner in this new world, Rica’s timeous book provides an invaluable way of thinking about and acting upon and in the new world order.

Prof Theo H Veldsman, Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management, Faculty of Management, University of Johannesburg

In the dynamic world of today, where organisations must continuously adapt to a range of internal and external challenges and where change is a constant, competence in organisational change and development is necessary for survival, competitiveness and growth. The simplistic remedies of the past no longer work and Dr Rica Viljoen’s book is both practical and inspiring in its academic groundedness combined with useful models and methodologies for finding the right solution to complex problems in organisations. She helps organisations formulate a blueprint to establish the conditions for the reliable delivery of the company’s business strategy on an ongoing basis – and in a manner that shapes and reinforces an organisational culture and capability consistent with the reliable delivery of the company’s long-term vision of driving superior returns together with sustainable outcomes.

Italia Boninelli, Executive Vice-President People and Organisation Development, AngloGold Ashanti