Improve performance with the Performance Improvement Toolbox. Apply these easy-to-use tools for ensuring that your HR budget delivers results. Now Human Resource Practitioners and Performance Consultants can implement a systematic approach that covers gaps in performance, provides systemic measures to improve performance and delivers measurable results.

With Performance in a Box tools, Human Resources Practitioners and Performance Consultants can:

  1. Identify performance gaps in people, processes or organisation;
  2. Fix performance problems;
  3. Deliver on the HR value chain for improved business results;
  4. Accurately measure improvements in performance;
  5. Provide evidence-based reports on improvements in performance;
  6. Ensure that HR expenditure adds measurable performance value and ROI.

The Performance in a Box tools offer a set of procedures that can be implemented across all areas of HR strategy, development and management, including organisational development, learning and development, change management, organisational performance, general HR, training and instructional design. Content is organised in easy-to-follow applications with clearly defined processes, results and values.

What is in the Toolkit?

The Performance in a Box Toolkit is a collection of 38 tools in various categories, for example:

  1. Performance Improvement Process (1 tool)
  2. Performance Project Management (1 tool)
  3. Performance Strategic Planning (6 tools)
  4. Performance Analysis (6 tools)
  5. Performance Improvement Diagnostics (18 tools)
  6. Managing Performance (7 tools)

The Performance in a Box tool set is easy to use and fully customisable to meet organisational performance needs and culture.