A practical and informative book for managing performance in service delivery orientated organisations

Performance Management for Government, Universities, Schools and NGOs  serves as a practical and convenient guide to managing performance in non-profit organisations (NPOs). There are a number of methods and tools that can be used for performance management, and every organisation will need to select the right methods and tools for its environment.

It will provide you with a practical understanding of the science and art of performance management, and how it can be used in successfully building a high-performance culture within a non-profit environment. A number of diverse non-profit environments have been included in this handbook to demonstrate how performance management operates in practice. These are real case studies, and the success they demonstrate is testimony to deliberately planned and executed performance management strategies.

The contents include:

  1. Profit versus non-profit organisations
  2. Performance management in schools
  3. The philosophy of performance
  4. The drivers of performance in non-profit organisations basics of measurement
  5. Performance management in non-governmental organisations
  6. Performance management and development in government
  7. Performance management in state-owned enterprises
  8. Performance management in universities
  9. Defining the determinants of higher education and the effective performance, leadership and management of today’s university
  10. Performance appraisal rating scales
  11. Crucial/honest conversations regarding performance
  12. Critical success factors