Performance management systems have become too time-consuming and cumbersome – the time is right for a reboot. This guide will show you how to revisit your performance management strategies – use simpler tools, move towards developmental discussions, and remove or reduce ‘forced’ rankings. This handbook serves as a practical and convenient guide to managing performance in an uncertain, turbulent, world where companies must adapt.

This book is guaranteed to be different from other performance management titles you’ve read, because it’s:

– Based on years of personal experience in implementing hundreds of performance management systems in companies.

– Written by contributors who have actually done and experienced what they are writing about.

– Practical and, for once, tells you how to do it, with no missing steps or information. There are tool kits, forms and check lists that can be used instantly.

– Written in plain English with no bamboozling jargon, with many practical examples and templates that you can amend to suit your needs.

– Underpinned by empirical research.

After reading Performance Management Reboot you will be able to design, implement and use a performance management system that is perceived as fair by all stakeholders and which stimulates better performance.