Re-authoring the World: The Narrative Lens and Practices for Organisations, Communities and Individuals, invites readers to a transformational way of being in the world. It translates the Narrative Therapy approach and practices for people outside the therapeutic context that are interested in shifting the stories of their own lives as well as the communities and organisations that they work in. The book invites readers out of docility and complacency into active participation and accountability of the worlds that they are connected to.

This book provides different portals into understanding, and you can roam about in the chapters you are interested in. If you do not want to read the whole book, you can read short descriptions of the different parts at the start of each section.

The book has been divided into five parts:

  1. Part one provides the background and context. It tells the story of how the Narrative ideas transform and inform one’s life and work, starting with one of my own stories.
  2. Part two is the author’s description of the theory and concepts. It describes and unpacks the values and assumptions that inform the Narrative work.
  3. Part three explores the practices and processes of the Narrative work.
  4. Part four shows how the Narrative work is applied in coaching, leadership and consulting.
  5. Part five delves into the transformational nature of the Narrative work.

Dr Chené Swart is an international recognised executive and life coach, consultant and trainer in Narrative practices. Her life purpose is to co-create transformational learning contexts and journeys.