This field book is a practical guide designed to equip HR practitioners to reinvent and reposition their departments, and also to be agents of
change. Change must, however, first be owned before it can be represented. Therefore, the book personalises the learning content to develop authenticity and enhance understanding of the information presented.

Reinventing HR Fieldbook is a follow-up to Reinventing HR from Schultz and Van der Walt. The authors highlighted that HR is
entangled in a reactive mode. HR should be repositioned and transferred into ‘People Management’.

Here is a practical field book to the development of strategic and operational relevance of the HR function.

The authors propose six transitional pillars for the HR function:

  1. Leadership and meaning
  2. Relationships
  3. Workplace socialisation
  4. Productivity
  5. Organisational transformation
  6. Personal wellness

These pillars, as strategic focus areas, are built upon foundational HR competence and business acumen. The intention is to enable the HR
function to reinvent itself into a discipline that is acknowledged and respected for its relevance, competence and professionalism.

These ‘pillars’ are further elaborated on in this field book. The focus is on personal understanding and application of the processes, before its
representation in a broader context.