Dr Mark Bussin together with world-class experts who are thought leaders and highly regarded by their peers and clients answered the question  – “Who can say they find it easy to attract top talent, and once they are in the organisation, pay them fairly, and are able to retain them relatively easily?”

The global pool of highly skilled employees is in great demand, and those with both critical skills and experience come at a hefty price. The million dollar question is whether money alone is enough to secure the best talent in the market.

This is a practical and informative book for managing the tension between talent and remuneration in organisations.

Contents include:

  • The  Context  to  Remuneration:  Strategy, Organisation Design, Leadership and Talent Management
  • Components   of   an   Integrated   Talent Management Strategy
  • Talent Retention – Customising Retention  Strategies: A Case Study
  • How to Identify Talent
  • Integrated Talent Management – Practical Ideas, Tools and Tips
  • Engaging Talent
  • The  Employee  Value  Proposition  (EVP) and Talent
  • Rewarding Talent
  • Talent Management and Variable Pay
  • Long-term Incentives
  • Attracting,    Retaining    and    Leveraging  Generation Y Talent
  • Rewarding the Talent at the Top
  • I am Talent – Empowering the Individual to Manage His/Her Own Career
  • Securing Talent: The Role of the Contract of Employment and Restraints of Trade
  • Remuneration as a Talent Investment Strategy – Increasing the Value of your Talent Portfolio

This book truly explores and explains the very critical and often asked question about how to manage remuneration and talent within an organisation.

It answers that question and more!

–Willem Verwey Head: Remuneration and Benefits, Anglo American

Mark once again accomplishes what few authors do – writing in an accessible way. A must-read for HR
practitioners, consultants, students and academics in understanding the mechanics of remuneration and talent
management in the South African context.

– Professor Anita Bosch, Lead researcher: Women in the Workplace Research Programme, Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management, Faculty of Management , University of Johannesburg

In an ever-changing and highly competitive world driven by incentives, the remuneration and management of key skills and talent is an absolute imperative. This imperative is exacerbated by the dramatic shortage of quality human capital and key skills, as well as the social desirables and economic objectives that organisations have set out for themselves. Dr Bussin’s Remuneration and Talent Management provides a thorough and practical perspective on the subject. It outlines how best to manage the acute tension between attracting and retaining talent, and how best to pay for it, given the financial pressures faced by an organisation. This book will prove to be an essential and indispensable tool for any manager of human capital!

– Constantinos Economou, CEO, Colourfield Liability Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Remuneration and talent management is a crucial factor in the wellbeing and success of any business. Retention and satisfaction of key personnel and in fact the whole of a business team are the foundation of a sustainable enterprise.

– Dougy Kevan, General Manager Southern Africa, Norgine Pty Ltd

This book navigates the reader practically through the labyrinth of reward and talent. It unpacks the crucial elements of reward and talent and exposes alignment considerations that will enable the practitioner to establish an employee value proposition with strategic significance.

– Michelle Pirie, Group CHRO, Econet Wireless

This book truly explores and explains the very critical and often-asked question about how to manage remuneration and talent within an organisation. It answers that question and more!

– Willem Verwey, Head: Remuneration and Benefits, Anglo American Platinum