Your Roadmaps to Skills Development

Increase your knowledge on:

  • Competency-based assessment
  • Implementing Evaluation of ETD
  • Skills Development
  • Moderation of Assessment
  • Structuring Organisations

The purpose of the Roadmap series is to serve as a resource for developing and implementing learning and skills development strategies that contribute towards improving individual and organisational performance. The series provides guidelines on using learning and skills development interventions as tools for achieving business goals.

HRD and HR managers will find the series valuable for identifying the most important issues they need to consider in planning and managing their people-development strategies. Practitioners involved in a wide spectrum of fields related to learning and skills development will be able to follow the action steps and guidelines provided in implementing these strategies.

The series answers key questions posed by managers and practitioners involved in people development: How is this issue relevant to my organization? What should we do about it? How should it be done? What do we need to ensure that it promotes the achievement of our organisation’s main objectives?

The Learning and Skills Development series is a unique, highly focused and cost-effective product designed as a tool to increase the impact of training and development and consists of the following titles: 

  1. Action steps for implementing learnerships by Suzanne Hattingh
  2. Building learning organisations to enhance competitiveness by Suzanne Hattingh and Salome Smit
  3. Competency-based assessment for RPL by Nerishni Shunmugam
  4. Conducting assessment of learning in the NQF by Annette Kenwright and Suzanne Hattingh
  5. Conducting skills audits by Naomi Kleynhans
  6. Designing outcomes-based learning programmes by Sue Westraad
  7. Destination – effective e-learning by Johannes Cronjé and Barry Vorster
  8. Empowering the skills development facilitator by Melinde Coetzee
  9. Gaining ‘Investors in People’ recognition by Janet Gourand
  10. How to implement RPL in the workplace by Karen Deller
  11. Learner support: toward learning and development by Melinde Coetzee and Kevin Stone
  12. Learnership Dictionary by Suzanne Hattingh
  13. Learnerships: a tool for improving workplace performance by Suzanne Hattingh
  14. Learning to survive ‘permanent white water’ by Suzanne Hattingh
  15. Measuring return on investment in training – practical guidelines for implementation by Marius Meyer, Rina Opperman and Chris Dyrbye
  16. Meta-coaching – choosing the right coach by Anne Renew
  17. Moderation of assessment by Annette Kenwright
  18. Planning quality outcomes-based learning programmes by Melinde Coetzee
  19. Positioning e-learning within the skills development framework by Mike Stanton
  20. Preparing to implement learnerships by Suzanne Hattingh
  21. Promoting skills development through unit standards by Samantha Layton-Matthews
  22. Quality assurance and accreditation of education and training providers by Suzanne Hattingh
  23. Reinventing HRD to enhance learning by Suzanne Hattingh and André van der Walt
  24. Setting up a mentoring programme by Hilary Geber
  25. Skills development planning for improved performance by Ian Bellis and Suzanne Hattingh
  26. Structuring organisations – the foundation to support learning by Mike Bellerby and Martin Lewis
  27. Understanding outcomes-based assessment of learning by Suzanne Hattingh
  28. Using EQ to advance human potential by Sandra Kuter