For Africa to realise its potential and create the socio-economic conditions that its people aspire to, it needs organisations that can compete in a fast changing, complex global environment.  This will only be achieved if African organisations grow their talent and leadership skills to add to the pool of skills and talent on the continent.  In the modern economy countries, cities and organisations, both public and private sector, need to make themselves “talent attractive” since talent and skills are a prerequisite for sustainable investment.

This book provides insight into what leading thinkers and organisations do to build, develop and retain talent. The contributors comprise academics, consultants and organisational leaders, all of whom have a wealth of expertise and experience in talent management. The contributors provide high level strategic frameworks as well as practical tools to implement talent management processes. Of particular interest are the comprehensive case studies from some of South Africa’s leading companies, all of whom have had extensive experience in Africa and globally. They are truly South Africa’s “premier league” organisations.

Includes case studies from Woolworths, Nedbank, Discovery, Coca-Cola Sabco, Unilever!

Shaping Africa’s Talent is a “must read” for Executives, leaders, HR professionals and academics who are responsible for building the continents next generation of organisations and talent.


Shaping the Strategic Landscape:

•    Talent Management in Africa – A Contextual Overview – Wilhelm Crous, Knowledge Resources
•    Talent Framework and Key issues in Talent – Terry Meyer, Leadership SA
•    Strategic Thinking: Future-focused Competence for African Leadership Talent- Morne Mostert, Institute for Futures


•    Talent and Technology:  Your Business Should Be Social – Andre Horak
•    Growing Leaders for a Connected World – Terry Meyer, Leadership SA
•    Talent Development for Sustainable Competitiveness Samuel Njenga
•    Developing a Compelling Employer  Value Proposition To Attract Africa’s Top Talent- Jenali Skuse and Madeline Lass,


•    Executive Talent in Africa – Allen Shardelow & Debbie Farnaby, Heidrick & Struggles
•    A Comprehensive Talent Management Framework in Action – Johan Ludike,

African Talent Strategies: Case Studies:

•    “Feeling the magic”: Woolworths Career Paths Project: A Case Study – Chantal Butler, Woolworths
•    The role of organizational culture in the attraction and retention of Talent – the Nedbank Story  – Abe Thebyane, Nedbank
•    Discovery’s Informal and Innovative Talent Management –Terence Okeke Taylor, Discovery
•    Home Grown African Bottler Shows Winning Spirit and Culture: Coca-Cola Sabco – Tracy Potgieter, Coca-Cola Sabco

Leading Talent processes:

•    The role of Business Schools in building Africa’s talent – Terry Meyer, Leadership SA
•    Building Africa’s Technical & Vocational Skills – Nazrene Mannie
•    Designing and implementing a graduate development programme – James Hu, Unilever
•    From Potential to Performance: Assessing Talent and Leadership Potential – Lisa Ashton & Jacques Haworth, BIOSS Southern Africa
•    Coaching for Leadership Impact – Sarah Babb
•    Building learning paths – Lydia Cillie Schmidt, The Talent Hub