Executives are fundamentally responsible for formulating and executing strategy. In addition, they lead their organisations to ensure the implementation of a chosen strategy and manage any changes associated with such new strategies.

Strategy, leadership and change provides practical guidelines on strategic and organisational design, leadership and change. Based on Terry Meyer’s in-depth knowledge and experience in the areas of strategy, leadership and change, this publication is aimed at executives who do not have the time to search for or study the plethora of books written on the subject. The author combines useful information with practical answers to many of the challenges facing modern-day executives.

The book consists of four sections:

  • Section one: provides a background to systems thinking and strategic problem solving – the philosophy on which the book is based.
  • Section two: highlights the issues involved in formulating and executing strategy. It also addresses the design of organisations which have the necessary capability to implement strategy successfully. Given that strategy is as much an art as it is a science, political and other concomitant intangible issues are covered.
  • Section three: addresses three aspects of leadership: the importance and nature of transformational leadership, the processes which leading global companies apply to build future leaders, and how to make leadership part of an organisation’s DNA.
  • Section four: explores the concepts and general principles associated with change and the processes involved in the implementation of change strategies. It highlights the processes that go into reconfiguring organisations and addresses how leaders should work to build change-ready, agile organisations. Based on sound theoretical principles and presented in a readable, jargon-free style, with an emphasis on practical application, this publication is aimed at both current and future executives.