A sound succession plan will minimise the risk of disruption (or even disaster!) during times of change within an organisation. However, implementing a well-designed succession management system, is easier said than done. It calls for a comprehensive understanding of the practice of succession planning, particularly within the context of South Africa’s BEEE and employment equity policies.

Succession Management was written especially for the South Africa workplace and is the most comprehensive resource on succession planning available locally.

In it, readers will find step-by-step guides, checklists and case studies on how to:

• Understand the Why of Succession Management?
• Building a business case for succession
• How Will You Get There: Succession Management Process
• Succeeding at Succession Management
• Managing Successor Transition into Vacant Roles
• Success Measures and Metrics
• And more!

This is an indispensable book for every CEO, board member, HR executive and talent manager!