Systemic Leadership Learning presents a radical and powerful new approach to the development of leaders that integrates four key systems, namely, the leader, the organisation, the learning content and the facilitator, in the learning process with four primary fields of study required for effective leadership. In a sense, it presents the “quantum curriculum” necessary to advance the study of leadership and the abilities of organisations, coaches, facilitators and consultants to grow the essential leadership capacity for sustainability.

“We Live in a world whose complexities are only now consciously affecting us. To lead and develop leaders in this complex world calls for ‘simplicity on the other side of complexity’. This book is a serious effort to achieve that goal.”
― Frik Landman, CEO of University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development

“This book unlocks some of the mystery of how leaders learn in reality. By creating an integrated model of the systems at play during learning, it lays the foundation for new ways of developing leaders. As we get ready for the ‘new normal’, Systemic Leadership Learning highlights innovative ways of developing leaders who can cope with the ‘perfect storm’. It constitutes a big leap forward in learning methodologies for both business education and consulting.”
―Prof. John Pourdehnad, Associate Director of the Ackoff Collaboratory for Advancement of Systems Approaches at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania