If you’re a team leader asking the question: How do I make my team better?, then Team Leadership is the book that provides the answers.

Team Leadership will assist team leaders and members to become more effective by helping them to understand teams better. This book brings together theories and research on team development, team functioning, managing teams, team growth and more! It also describes tools and techniques that can be used to raise the performance levels of teams and help them to function optimally.

Team Leadership is different from the many other books offering tools for teams, in that:

* It gives insight into team behaviour from an academic point of view and especially what current science tells us what works well to improve teams.
* It links to practice in its aim to be practical and helpful in daily organisational life.
* It gives leaders an opportunity to learn and grow, and therefore also has a developmental focus.
* It offers a careful selection of theories, tools and techniques to be applied in many contexts and at various stages of a team’s development.

Team Leadership is one of the most comprehensive books available on the science of team development, offering practical insights into:

Developmental Frameworks * Constituent Frameworks * Team Assessment * Team Design * Team Roles * Team Tasks * Teamwork * Conflict Management * Communication * Emergent States * Motivational States * Motivation Theory * Team Leadership * Tasks of Team Leaders * Coaching * Teambuilding * And More!