Whether you’re a business leader, partner, teacher, politician or just want to lead yourself more effectively, this book is written for you. Examples come from Nick’s personal life; the lessons he has learned from the many great leaders he has had the privilege of meeting; and the world of business.

It’s a story based on both theory and practical experience.
It’s a story based on what works.
It’s a story of the leadership journey.

Nick’s exceptional knowledge of human behaviour and what it takes to be great as a person and a team has inspired many.

This book will introduce you to the Leadership Arrow. Based on the author’s 30 years of global consulting experience, it’s his interpretation of the leadership journey. It takes everything we know about leadership and suggests a model that’s easy to understand and apply as you travel your own leadership journey, whether personal or organisational.

The chapters have practical hints and tips to make the themes and concepts both personal and practical.


“Nick knows better than anyone that we can all be leaders, and this book shows us how. It is essential reading for anyone looking to grow and develop themselves, their team or business. It’s a must read!”
Yusuf Abramjee – Head of News and Current Affairs, Primedia Broadcasting and Lead SA activist

“Nick is able to create transformations – taking people to levels they had not previously comprehended, by showing them they can make a difference and that the only thing holding them back is themselves.”
Steve Griessel – CEO: American Community Properties Trust

“Nick, my ‘Mr Miyagi’ of leadership, has hit the target in The Art of the Arrow: How leaders fly, by capturing the very essence of what it takes to be a great leader. An outstanding read with years of invaluable experience rolled into just over 200 pages.”
Adrian Goslett – CEO: RE/MAX of Southern Africa

“Wow! What a book! It is easy to read and flows nicely from one part to the next. I love the balance between professional and personal experiences that you have brought into the book to demonstrate leadership principles. What I found useful is that you relate past and present events – social, business, political and personal – in a simple but impactful way. I am sure the book will benefit new and experienced leaders.”
Dan Moyane – Corporate Affairs Executive: MMI Holdings Limited; News anchor: eNCA