Ongoing disruptive innovation has become the key competitive edge in staying ahead of the game in the inimitable, compelling, memorable experience-based economy. The 21st century organisation will be an ideas/imagination business. Within this business, people have moved centre stage in being the only true value unlockers and wealth creators as the source of imagination, creativity, innovation, and invention.

Given people’s centrality to the continued viability of organisational performance and success in the present and future, knowing the state of their People Excellence is critical for every organisation. If there is on top of this criticality a global war for top talent, then ‘critical’ turns into mission-critical. It becomes the stark choice between either merely surviving because of a shortage of talent; or thriving because of creating the conditions under which people become the best they can, and want to, be. They flourish and thrive.

People excellence sits at the confluence of thriving employees, delighted stakeholders, and a viable organisation. When organisations become excellent at helping their people to flourish, they in turn unlock real, amazing value and create worthy, lasting results to the delight of stakeholders, ensuring the organisation’s viability.

This is why knowing the state of an organisation’s people excellence, as well as becoming smarter at people excellence, has become mission-critical for every organisation.

The People Excellence Star offers you the opportunity to perform an integrated, strategic stress test of the overall people-worthiness of your organisation. You’ll be guided on how to apply the five critical dimensions of People Excellence: Identity, Capacity, Delivery, Outcomes, and Relationships – along with their 20 Excellence elements.

You’ll discover the best thought-leadership, latest research, and cutting-edge practices regarding People Excellence to help you unleash the synergistic fusion of lasting People Excellence within your own organisation through the appropriate interventions.