The leadership principles articulated in Europe, Asia and America have contributed greatly to the modern- day understanding of what the role of a leader in an organisation should be. However, for the most part Africa has remained in the shadows in this regard, with its wisdom undermined and discredited by colonial laws and policies.

In The Spirit of African Leadership, Professor Lovemore Mbigi investigates the wealth of leadership knowledge that Africa has to share with the global community. Building on a culture with centuries of indigenous knowledge, Professor Mbigi develops coherent and practical leadership frameworks and principles that will assist leaders to nurture the emotional, spiritual and cultural resources of their organisations.

By combining a specifically African perspective on leadership with contributions from other cultures and thought leaders, Professor Mbigi casts new light on the dynamics of organisational leadership.

Professor Mbigi has consulted to various companies on issues of strategy execution, transformation, leadership and diversity management, and has contributed widely to South African and international journals and magazines. He has also published four other books with Knowledge Resources.