“As an aspirant leadership expert myself, I was pleasantly surprised at how much there is still to know and learn about this enthralling subject called leadership.”—Dudu Msomi, Chief Executive Officer, Busara Leadership Partners

In Understanding Leadership 14 thought-leaders cover the following themes:

  1. Leadership as strategic organisational capability and intervention by Theo H Veldsman and Andrew J Johnson
  2. The Leadership Landscape as a meta-framework by Theo H Veldsman
  3. Appreciative leadership by Freddie Crous
  4. Neuroscience in leadership by Ingra du Buisson-Narsai and Dan Radecki
  5. Action science by Andrew J Johnson
  6. Psychobiographical profiling by Roelf van Niekerk, Mark Perry and Paul Fouché
  7. Kegan’s competing commitments by Ian Lawson
  8. Arbinger’s changing mindset by Cobus Pienaar and Jim Ferrell
  9. Leadership psychodynamics by Pieter Koortzen
  10. Re-authoring leadership narratives by Chené Swart
  11. Action learning by Rosetta Pillay and Gerrit Walters
  12. The future of leadership by Andrew J Johnson and Theo H Veldsman

Understanding Leadership also features inspirational leadership stories from:

Bridgette Gasa: Good leaders unite people
Johan van Zyl: Get to know yourself early on in your career
Dave Macready: Leadership built on vision, belief and passion
Gill Marcus: What matters is the greater good
Monhla Hlahla: Moving effectively through the stages of leadership impact
GT Ferreira, Laurie Dippenaar and Paul Harris: Leader excellence asks for a distinct, shared leadership philosophy