Sub-Saharan African is challenged and blessed with a dynamic mix of formal and informal sectors, laced with effective and ineffective layers of entrepreneurial behaviour and action. Being entrepreneurial is not necessarily about creating entirely new business models, but about understanding context, social needs, environment, supply efficiency and security, the socio-economic layout, knowing the pain points for a society, community and for individuals, and seeking to relieve some or all of that pain by stepping into the available gaps or opportunities. This book offers numerous ideas and perspectives on how to close these gaps, successfully navigate these challenges and implement practical, innovative solutions to constructively serve societies through the many obvious (and less obvious opportunities) on the continent.

Drawing on the insights of numerous global academic leaders, entrepreneurial business founders and owners, as well as leaders of NGOs and other civil society organisations, Values-Driven Entrepreneurship and Societal Impact will broaden your understanding of the key challenges and opportunities around entrepreneurship in Africa. Values-Driven Entrepreneurship and Societal Impact will address key issues such as:

  • Social enterprise and its contextual challenges
  • B Corps on the African continent: A source of socio-economic hope
  • Collaboration over competition
  • Lessons learnt: Supporting early-stage ventures
  • Partnering with social impact founders
  • Towards a fearless social enterprise
  • Impact of business accelerators in disadvantaged areas
  • New venture propensity index
  • Locus of control and the happy entrepreneur
  • Self-empathy as it relates to entrepreneurship
  • Executive coaching as an entrepreneurial venture
  • Micro-entrepreneurs and their start-up teams
  • Diversity and entrepreneurship
  • Critical analysis of refugee entrepreneurial resilience
  • The economic ecosystems of informality and the 4th Industrial Revolution in Africa
  • Collective intelligence and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Creating a regional bio-energy niche
  • Restoring the agency of voice