A celebration of 10 years of Bioss Southern Africa’s growth and history that includes a composite collection of ideas, practices, colourful personalities and practical application of the internationally renowned work of Elliott Jaques and Gillian Stamp in one handbook!  It illustrates the use of core organisational ideas and essential complexity-based principles in an informal and accessible way, whilst acknowledging the people involved in establishing these ideas in South Africa since the 1970’s. The book follows an appreciative approach to topics such as:  Levels of Work, Work Complexity, Requisite Organisation and Career Path Appreciation.

An appreciation and celebration of the people, the organizations and the Bioss ideas in Southern Africa.

The book is based on the practical application of the internationally renowned and followed work of Elliott Jaques and Gillian Stamp.

Topics of the ideas in the book include:

  • Levels of Work.
  • Stratified Systems Theory.
  • Requisite Organisation and Career Path Appreciation.
  • Combine and document all the Bioss ideas in one place.
  • Telling the story of the use of these ideas in South Africa.
  • Celebrating the Bioss Southern Africa 10 year anniversary and history.
  • A relatively informal and accessible introduction to the ideas.
  • Sharing the stories of the people related to the work.
  • Follows an appreciative approach.
  • Provides the context to the development and use of the ideas.

The Bioss story also explains:

  • The practical application of complexity thinking in organisations.
  • Understanding of how potential translates into performance.
  • Flow as the ultimate destination of performance.
  • A collection of the Bioss ideas and the work of Gillian Stamp in one place

The book is divided into five parts:

  • Daily organisational life is a general discussion of Bioss’s ideas, theories, practices and values. Bioss work is grounded in organisational life, and it is easy to approach that work in a piecemeal fashion, or by focusing only on parts of it. This section of the book is a gentle reminder of the context and the outcomes of the work Bioss does.
  • Recollections and reflections is a compilation of ‘insider’ observations from practitioners. Some of it is about the joys, and some of it is about the sadness related to doing Bioss work.
  • Reflecting on the future, or What about tomorrow? As human beings we are all driven to be going somewhere, and we are all part of a new century that brings its own opportunities and challenges.
  • This section consists of various appendices, which provide helpful resources and references. The aim is to offer an ‘all-in-one’, and a ‘so-is-that-what-it’s-all-about?’ section for leisure reading or quick referencing.