The purpose of the book is to share the wisdom of SABPP mentors with the wider HR and business community in order to enhance professionalism in the field of HRM by means of mentoring relationships.

The following are the objectives of the present book:

  • to reflect, together with HR practitioners, on the lessons and wisdom of the HR mentors concerned in an attempt to help such practitioners learn from the mentors’ successes, as well as the challenges that they experienced, and how they overcame these challenges
  • to share the SABPP’s approach to professionalism, and, in particular, the role of mentoring in advancing professionalism, with the broader HR and business community
  • to position the HRRI of the SABPP in the marketplace and to explore opportunities for further research, development and capacity building
  • to contribute nationally to mentoring practice in South Africa
  • to inspire younger HR practitioners to learn from mentors and to raise their own level of professionalism and commitment to achieving excellence
  • to provide national recognition for all SABPP mentors (and their mentors) and their mentees
  • to encourage further research and development regarding mentoring in South Africa