Authors: Dave van der Merwe
ISBN: 9781869229566
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EISBN: 9781869229573
E-version price: R296.00 (15% discount price R251.60 valid till 31 July 2023)
Published: July 2022

Leadership seems deceptively simple to explain, yet in its essence, it is multifaceted and complex.

This practical handbook for leaders is structured around a series of key themes and thought-provoking reflective questions. The key themes cover:

  • Self-Awareness as a leader
  • Leading Change and Talent
  • Thinking Strategically and Stakeholders
  • Enabling Execution and Driving Results

Reflective questions are one thing, but being deliberate and intentional about taking action could be the critical trigger required to drive a paradigm shift in your leadership journey.

Selected observations on leadership impact and executive effectiveness from the insights to the reflective questions:

  • Living a balanced life
  • Your plan for significance
  • The importance of always being authentic and human
  • How you show up as a leader
  • Creating quality thinking time
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Being deliberate, intentional, and taking action
  • Focusing on what really matters and owning the narrative
  • Unlocking the potential and discretionary energy of others
  • Being an enabler for the whole ecosystem to flourish
  • Working on the business, versus working in the business, and knowing when to be where.