The Zambia at Work report is the ultimate labour guide. It offers a concise, comprehensive overview of the country’s workforce and labour market. The report contains in-depth, up-to-date and detailed insights into workforce trends, with data and analysis on:

– Employment and unemployment trends
– Employment across sectors, industries and occupations
– Wage and salary trends
– Talent competitiveness
– Industrial relations
– Expatriates, immigrants and the diaspora
– Human resource management
– Effects of the fourth industrial revolution

To contextualise labour market trends, the report also provides a brief overview of the political and economic environment, socio-demographic indicators and education and skills development trends.

The Zambia at Work report will:

– Assist you in HR planning
– Give you a better grasp of workforce opportunities and challenges
– Empower you to improve your talent management programmes
– Provide you with an understanding of wage and salary trends
– Help you to better leverage expatriates and members of the diaspora