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The Impact of Your Leadership Footprint: Reflecting on the Essence of True Leadership

By Dave van der Merwe June 20, 2023 As I reflect on the impact of my book since it was published in 2022, some key topics have consistently dominated in my leadership work, dialogue with leaders, and feedback I have received on the book. How will you be remembered? The subtitle of my book has

Retain to Sustain: Mastering the Art of Employee Retention in Today’s Competitive Landscape

By Dr Mark Bussin May 6, 2023 Talent shortages, a competitive job market, exacerbated turnover costs, organisations’ reputation, loss of time, employee engagement, employee loyalty, employee adaptability, organisational culture damage, organisational knowledge… these are just some of the key words accentuating why retention is more important now than ever before. Retention can be defined

Implementing strategy is only as good as your skills

By Wilhelm Crous May 9, 2023 Boston Consulting Group (BCG) recently conducted research among 50 of the largest US firms and Fortune magazine’s Best Places to Work to determine how much emphasis companies place on skills development when it comes to delivering on their strategies. The results were not encouraging! Only 24% of the

Retaining Your Young Talent

By Amy Gray March 23, 2023 The great resignation has been a wake-up call in the world of work, with organisations grappling with the realisation that even in a digital age, people really are still first. Many organisations have been left with a diminishing talent pool (especially Millennial and Gen-Z staff) and no way

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