Tourism, Travel & COVID-19

The New Narrative for
Southern and Eastern Africa

During the Crisis Vortex

About the Book

“When a paradigm shifts, everyone goes back to zero.”

(Joel Barker)

The outbreak of COVID-19 forced the hospitality industry in Southern and Eastern Africa to lock its doors, which led to millions of cancelled bookings and billions lost in revenue. In a world of uncertainty, complexity, unpredictability and information overload, this book cuts through the clutter and panic and calmly leads you from being stuck and in survival mode to inspired action and developing a thriving mindset.

The New Narrative for Southern and Eastern Africa provides stories, insights, guidelines and toolkits from 24 leading experts in the tourism and travel industry. They offer hope and inspiration to business owners and their employees, customers, stakeholders and communities in a calm and confident way as they navigate the vortex of the crisis. Sparked by crucial conversations, it hopes to ignite the rebirth of a new era for tourism and travel, fix the weak links and build an optimised and sustainable paradigm that is inclusive and beneficial for all in the value chain.

This book offers domestic and international travellers a glimpse of how COVID-19 has affected the tourism and travel industry. Reports and infographics provide an overview of what to expect with regard to future travel, safety and your peace of mind when the floodgates open and Africa welcomes you back to explore and enjoy all she has to offer.

If you don’t know where to start, then start with this book.

10 key take- aways

  • Adaptable and Comprehensive Tourism Crisis Recovery Checklist

  • How to manage risks and revenue optimally

  • Identifying weak links in the Tourism Value Chain and fixing them

  • Why storytelling is your secret weapon to have your piece of the tourism pie

  • How to help staff and the mental health of employees during lockdown

  • Creating circular economies and building a new model for greater wealth distribution

  • Know what your guest wants and keep them coming back for more

  • Benefits of digital transformation to ensure success, sustainability and greater profit margins

  • Change your mindset from survive to thrive

  • How to collaborate through transparent engagement that builds trust and relationships

Chapters covered in the book include:

Part 1
The power of collaboration and crucial conversations through visioneering

  • Chapter 1: Helping brands survive and Build Resilience – Mariette du Toit-Helmbold
  • Chapter 2: SA Tourism’s strategic objectives for tourism recovery – Sisa Ntshona
  • Chapter 3: Initiatives to support the tourism industry – Johan Hattingh

Part 2
Building a new model: acceptance, adaptability and opportunity

  • Chapter 4: Rainmaker: Digital Transformation is key to success and economic sustainability – Thomas Müller
  • Chapter 5: Resilience Action Planning: Attracting Domestic Guests& Social Distancing Measures – Sarah Habsburg
  • Chapter 6: Revenue Management: Perfecting key elements to positively influence business growth and sustainability – Derek Martin
  • Chapter 7: Fixing the weak links in the Tourism Value Chain to ensure trust and strong relationships – Illana Clayton & Kate Bergh
  • Chapter 8: Tourism versus Poorism – Mandisa Magwaxaza

Part 3
The future of aviation and the traveller: ensuring safety & peace of mind and tourism crisis recovery checklist

  • Chapter 9: COVID-19: A catalyst for change in African Aviation – Derek Nseko
  • Chapter 10: The rise of sanitised travel: A day in the life of an airline passenger – Simplyflying
  • Chapter 11: The sky has limits for the African Aviation Industry – Joan Vilardell
  • Chapter 12: A Tourism crisis recovery checklist during and post COVID-19 – TRINET

Part 4
Crisis leadership excellence

  • Chapter 13: Crisis leadership excellence: Navigating in, beyond and through a crisis – Theo H. Veldsman
  • Chapter 14: Managing uncertainty, complexity and chaos in a crisis vortex – Sonja Blignaut
  • Chapter 15: Promoting personal and workplace mental health in the age of COVID-19 – Navlika Ratangee
  • Chapter 16: Positive mental mindset versus COVID-19 upset. Winner takes it all – Kobus Scholtz

Part 5
Embracing the challenge and finding solutions to do our part for humanity, conservation and tourism

  • Chapter 17: How Rhino Africa is navigating COVID-19 through Thought Leadership – David Ryan and Grant Rapaport
  • Chapter 18: The story of African Bush Camps and the impact of COVID-19 on tourism, conservation and community – Beks Ndlovu
  • Chapter 19: The story of Care for Wild: Keeping rhinos safe in a time of crisis – Sharon Gilbert-Rivett
  • Chapter 20: #TOURISMINMYBLOOD: United in purpose to share, inspire and help one another during the crisis vortex – Greg Smith & Richard de la Ray
  • Chapter 21: Rise of the Warrior – Shanaleigh Hebbard

About the Editor

Shanaleigh Hebbard is the owner of Shongile – Future Self Journeys. She has extensive experience working at both ends of the tourism value chain. Shanaleigh started her tourism journey in lodge management. She was a Key Accounts Manager for an overseas tour operator, and her focus was on managing the logistics and coordination of international student travel while synchronising her clients’ needs and desires with involvement in community outreach programmes and participating in sustainable conservation projects. An entrepreneur at heart, she found her niche and enjoys arranging events for overseas authors, thought leaders, business coaches and student travellers.


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