How to access free eBooks

  1. Subscribe (minimum one year) as either a corporate, academic library or individual member and we’ll provide you with log in details that gives you unlimited access to the entire platform.
  2. Search the library by eBook, category, content type or search term. Results are ranked by relevancy to help you pinpoint information.
  3. When you’ve identified the eBook you want to read, select “KR Library Members” from the drop down menu and add the title to your shopping cart.
  4. Next go to “Checkout” and follow the streamlined checkout process without having to pay for your eBook.
  5. Once checkout is complete your eBook will appear in the “Downloads” section. Click on the title link to download a PDF version eBook and start reading!

Adding team members to your Corporate or Academic Library membership

The main member is referred to as the manager of your account and can add multiple team members to the account. To add members to your team:

  1. Open the My Account menu
  2. Click on the Teams tab
  3. Enter the email address and send to a member you want to add to your team
  4. Your team member will receive an invitation email to activate and access the membership
  5. You are able to change the manager role of your account at any time in this section